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About the Work


This opera had many reasons for me. I wrote it as my recital degree for my undergraduate at Venezuela. I wanted to create something that I could sing as an opera singer who is not prepared to take on the major works but still could challenge me and my friends enough to grow while allowing us to collaborate with a chamber ensemble, a new experience for all of us. While thinking about the theme, I always knew racism was a subject I wanted to explore due to the political discrimination in Venezuela but also the racism that exists around the world and that still resonates in our present. As another thought in my mind was the idea of doing an opera for kids for which I decided to make an original tale but still mature enough to keep adults engaged.




Un Cuento de Luces y Sombras (A Tale of Lights and Shadows) is an operetta in three acts, with libretto by Germán Barboza, about the fight between two reigns: the reign of lights and the reign of shadows. Kira, the queen of light, is in war against Sombras, the king of shadows, while Zara and Adrik -their heirs- fall deeply in love defying the rules set by Zola –dame of the Earth- that dictated that no one from the two worlds can meet with each other. That's the way things are supposed to be, or at least how they thought it was best.


Its center topic is racism and the rejection that we constantly suffer from others when we are supposed to be united. The 6 characters and their musical lines show the desire to explore something different besides what they are used to, their fears, and their love. Once they are together, lights and shadows create colors, they create life. That is the way things are meant to be. 



Voice Parts: 02 Sopranos, 01 Mezzo (could be sung by a soprano), 02 Tenors, 01 Baritone.


Orchestration: Piano, 02 Violins, Viola, Cello, and Contrabass.




Premiered by Cátedra de Canto Lírico del Conservatorio de Música Jose Luis Paz, Jean William Fuenmayor conductor.

Un Cuento de Luces y Sombras, December 2nd, 2015.​