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About the Work


Te escucho (I hear you) is a song cycle for bass-baritone, viola and piano that I wrote for my cousin Miguel Pedroza. After I decided to take a brief time from composing, during August 2016, my desire for writing grew even more. I knew, once September arrived, it was time for me to sit down and create something new. In this song cycle, someone misses a loved one. You can feel how the poetess Lilia Boscán de Lombardi guides you through a story full of pain, the longing for somebody who is, little by little, fading away. Even though these poems are not directly related, they belong to the same book titled En el corazón del vértigo (In the heart of the vertigo). This phrase gave me all the information to search within me what I wanted to say musically.


Thanks to Lilia Boscán de Lombardi, I have explored my musical language as never before; and thanks to Miguel, I am part of this wonderful thing we call music. I dedicate this to him for always guiding me through my musical journey!




Voice, Viola and Piano.




Premiered by Miguel Pedroza (Bass-Baritone), Kyle Rivera (Viola), Elena Lacheva (Piano).


Dudley Recital Hall, Houston, TX, April 30th, 2017.


Perusal Score


Te escucho.pdf