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About the Work


“The cloud’s weep will cease in any moment when the sun’s rays point me out the path”


Poemas de Incertidumbre - Mar (Poems of Uncertainty - Sea) is a dramatic scene for soprano (who besides singing plays the slapstick), flute, clarinet, harp, violin, viola, cello and contrabass based on poems by Lilia Boscán de Lombardi and ending with one written by the composer, called At dawn.


This cycle describes a girl who is on a boat, in the middle of the open sea, waking up confused because she cannot remember how she got there. Its nine parts show the evolution of the day, from noon to dawn, the storm that shakes her making her fall into the water; her hallucinations and how she tries to find peace at last.


Uncertainty is a feeling we all share as humans being.


Is it necessary to have control

Of every moment of our lives?


When you lose the main path,

Suddenly, every step gets

Harder and harder. 






-Bb Clarinet​





-Double Bass



Sample Recording made in Venezuela.

Maribel Gómez, Soprano.

Orfeo Strings and Harp, ensemble.​

1.-En Cascadas de Luz

2.-Naufraga el sol

3.-Cielo Desnudo
4.-Voces Extrañas
6.-Respiro Como Nunca La Nostalgia
7.-Huellas del Pasado
8.-Desde mis Soledades
9.-Al Amanecer