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About the Work


After moving to Houston and working for a few months on a trio for flute, Bb clarinet and piano called Árboles Vacíos (Empty Trees), I needed to get back to my roots: voice, specifically, choral music. I realized it had been a long time since finishing a choral piece and I had so much I desired to say. I was thankful for everything going on in my life so I needed to simply sit, and express my gratitude.


There are so many people involved in producing my feelings of appreciation, and among them are the beautiful people of Chorus Austin. While I visited Austin for the Southwest Voices concert, where Seven Seconds of Love was premiered, I felt the energy of a family singing their hearts out. They showed me a safe space to be honest while creating the musical hug I have always put in every line I write.


For that, and for their friendship, this hug is dedicated to them. 




SATB div. and SS soli




Premiered by Chorus Austin, Ryan Heller conductor.

On a Winter's Eve, December 2nd, 2017.​