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NADA TE TURBE  ($2.50)

About the Work


Nada Te Turbe is a piece that I needed to listen to. After the difficult times that Veneuela has gone through, I needed some kind of reminder that, someday, everything will be ok. This is what led me to create an uplifting piece to which I could run whenever I needed a message/prayer for the day. This piece won the Vox Poppuli prize and got a special mention, Mix Choir, in the I Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau. During the voting process I could sense the love of many people in my life helping me and my music to reach new places. I feel blessed for all of the people that reached out and helped me accomplish this honor. It is in my hope that we will soon listen to this prayer sung by the world.




SATB div.




CICCAG's Virtual Choir

November, 2018.




Vox Poppuli prize and Special Mention, Mix Choir, in the I Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau.

Inversion Ensemble Emerging Composer Competition - Austin, TX.