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About the Work


Lejanas Voces is a piece for female voices a capella that I compose during an important cycle in my life. The choir I sang with for four years, Grupo Coral Venezziola, was coming to an end. While we were on our last trip to perform at Paipa (Colombia), I decided to take all these feelings and put them into a piece.

When we sing in a choir, a special connection grows between its members, like a musical family. Suddenly, all of the voices become one focused energy and, as a consequence, one gets used to listening to these voices that surround us. For that reason, no matter how far we are from each other, we will always listen to those who are in our hearts.

I dedicate this piece to everyone who was part of Venezziola, because even if we have not met, we have one thing in common: we were part of a family that made us grow.

Lejanas Voces
en el campo de la hierba entre mi corazón y el infinito.

Lilia Boscán de Lombardi

Lejanas voces,
las escucho dentro de mí.

Como si aún me cantaran l

as más hermosas melodías.

Carlos Cordero

English translation

Distant voices
on the grass of field
between my heart and the infinite.

Distant voices,
I hear them inside of me.
As if they still sang to me The most beautiful melodies. 



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Premiered by Moores School of Music's Concert Women Chorus, Ben May conductor.

Songs of Love and Passion, March 2nd, 2017.