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Vocal / Instrumental Music

Voice and Piano

The voice of pain and wonder through the poems of Amy Lowell. This short song cycle is a journey of emotions and colors.

Mezzosoprano and Piano  / 4'30''

Level: Medium

Two Poems of Amy Lowell  ($10.00)

Seven short movements that express the beauty of the different moments when you discover you love someone.

Voice and Piano / ca. 6'

Level: Medium

Seven Seconds of Love ($10.00)

The nostalgia of Lilia Boscán de Lombardi through my melodies. Poemas de Soledad is my first works for voice and piano.

SSAA / 2' 30''

Level: Medium

Voice and Ensemble

Inspired by Night Writing of the visual artist Teresita Fernández, this cycle explores the longing for communication.

Mezzosoprano and Viola  / 4'30''

Level: Medium

Night Writing  ($25.00)

A lost soul in the middle of the sea wishes for her nightmare to go away. A theatrical work with several extended techniques! 

Soprano and Ensemble / ca. 20'

Level: Medium

Three poems of Lilia Boscán de Lombardi that explore how fragile one can be. Nostalgia reigns in her words.

Baritone, Viola, and Piano / 2' 30''

Level: Medium

Te Escucho ($25.00)

Chamber Music (2 players)

A simple piece about freedom. The acceptance of our own life and desires.

Bb clarinet and Piano  / 4'30''

Level: Easy/Medium

Respiro  ($25.00)

A lament that finds solace in its hope to listen to the voice of that beloved person who passed away.

Oboe and Piano / ca. 3'

Level: Medium

Se Oye Tu Voz ($20.00)

Nature's voice through a wordless duet.

Bb clarinet and violin / 2' 30''

Level: Medium

Tres Salmos al Exilio ($10.00)

Chamber Music (3+ players)

When winter comes, the empty trees give us a sense of nostalgia. The story of someone who feels lost in a new space.

Fute, Bb clarinet, and Piano  / 9'30''

Level: Medium

Árboles Vacíos ($30.00)

A response to all of the violent happenings around the world. Based on darkness, light, hate, and love. 

Percussion Quartet / ca. 8'

Level: Medium

Pray for [ ] ($40.00)

Subtitled Venezuelan Plea for Life, this piece is a painful journey through the crisis in Venezuela.

String Quartet (or string orchestra) / 5' 30''

Level: Medium

¡Ayúdame! (Venezuelan Plea for Life ($40.00)

Chamber Music (2 players)

Chamber Music (2 players)


What floating on a cloud might sound like or the most silent shore. Peace, serenity. Only light breaks the silence.

Piano (version for solo organ, harp, or marimba available) / 5'

Level: Medium

Sereno ($10.00)

Piece about Venezuela and it's suffering. I hear its voice and I am nothing but an observer.

Flute (optional electronics) / ca. 4'

Level: Medium

Three movements that explore pregnancy and birth. Based on 3 haiku written by Carlos.

Viola (version for solo violin or solo flute available) / 6'

Level: Medium

Mariposas ($10.00)

Floating away, like a cloud with no worries. A fun piece about releasing your self from stress and doubt.

Bb clarinet and fixed media / 2'

Level: Easy/Medium

Floating Away ($10.00)


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5 Soli (Sopr, B/Baritone, Mez. Sopr, Tenor, Baritone), and Pianist.  / 30'

Level: Medium

Don't Mark That Score! ($150.00)

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6 soloists (2 Sopr, 1 Mez. Sopr, 2 Ten, 1 Bajo/Bar.) and ensemble (Vln. I, Vln. II, Vla, Vc, Cb, Piano) / ca. 65'

Level: Medium

Un Cuento de Luces y Sombras ($200.00)

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6 Soloists (Sopr, 1 Mez. Sopr, 2 Ten, 1 Bajo/Bar.) and orchestra (2 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Bb Cl, 2 Bsn,  4 Hn, 2 Tpt, 2 Tbn, Timp, S. Dr, Cymb,  Vln. I, Vln. II, Vla, Vc, Cb) ​ / 5' 30''

Level: Medium

Un Cuento de Luces y Sombras ($300.00)