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Happy Composer Commission Project



Happy Composer Commission is an educational project to commission new choral pieces from composers in development.

Through Happy Composer, new composers will have the experience of creating a commissioned piece for choir with the guidance of composer Carlos Cordero.

The Process


Online Call For Scores, allowing more composers to apply from any part of the world! 

Carlos Cordero


I work with the selected composers for 2 months. In the process, I share drafts with the conductor before finishing the pieces.

Composer + Carlos Cordero


The conductor and I select the 3 composers most likely to write a piece suitable for the chapter’s choir.

Carlos Cordero + Conductor


Upon delivery, the choir has 1 year to premiere the work in any combination (one per concert or the three in one concert!)





The call for scores is open to composers of any nationality, gender, age, or stage in their career. Preference will be given to those who have not had any choral music published (excludes self publish). Composer Carlos Cordero will help the selected composers to create a new piece for unaccompanied choir (2 to 4 minutes). Upon completion, each composer will be paid $50.  


The best part: There is no application fee!


To participate you just need to fill this google form (https://forms.gle/hn4tyRo78BVsnkNb6) where we ask you for:


PDF + Audio (midi) recording

Upload up to 2 pieces


Bio or CV + Photo (headshot preferably)

List of works (PDF or Word)


Why do you want to be part of HCC?

Professional Reference (email)


If you have any question, please review the FAQ or email me to composer.cordero@gmail.com

Deadline: May 6th, 2019.



April: Call for scores (deadline May 6th, 2019).

June: Selecting 12 to create chapters.

July - August: Create the pieces.

September (2019) - September (2020): Premiere of works.

How can you help?


Every time we get $150 we can create a new chapter! 

Donate money to our commissioning fund through paypal.


Be the choir of the chapter and perform the three pieces! 


Exclusive premiering rights for one year


Share this information with everyone


Help me finding the next generation of choral composers around the world! 

Why this project now?

Creative people are often challenged with self-doubt and lack of opportunities to show their work and learn from experience. Composers need to hear their music performed to learn.


As a new composer, I am lucky to have supportive mentors that continue to help me grow, but that’s not true for everybody. I want to be a colleague that encourages other composers to write more music, that listens and offers objective insights and constructive criticism, and to serve as a bridge between them and conductors/choirs.