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Frequently Asked Questions​​​

What’s a chapter?

A chapter consists of 3 composers and a choir. The selected composers create music with the guidance of composer Carlos Cordero. The Chapter Choir (a different choir each chapter) premieres the Works.


Why do Chapters have numbers?

We number Chapters for archival purposes. This helps people to find pieces, composers, choirs, or learn more about the chapter story, donors, etc.


Where does your donation go?

Your money goes to a Paypal account only used for Happy Composer to pay composers for their hard work and art.


What does Happy Composer do with the money?

We create a fund which we use only to pay commissioned composers after they have finished the piece.


Do composers pay to participate?

No, participating in the call for scores (and later Commission process) is completely free! Donations are encouraged to help us creating more chapters, though. :)


How does Happy Composer choose the Composers for each chapter?

After the call for scores, and deciding the finalists, Carlos and the conductor of the choir decide the 3 composers that represent the best fit for the choir.


Is the call for scores anonymous?

No. We want to know more about the composers than only their music. We want to know the composer and her/his other works, interests, etc. Being a composer is more than just the music you write!


Why $50 per piece?

Education is the focus of this project. Though we are aware that this is not a regular fee for commissioning a composer, we see this payment as an important step to show composers they can be paid for their work.


When does Happy Composer pay Composers?

Upon delivery of the final version of the piece to Happy Composer. Keep in mind that once the choir begins rehearsals, the conductor might have small suggestions for the composer to revise.


How does Happy Composer pay Composers?

Payments will be through PayPal.


How would Happy Composer pay Composers if they’re not from the US?

Composers need a Paypal account for us to pay them. Fees for international transactions are the composer’s responsibility thus you might receive a little less than $50.


“I do not live in the US. Can I participate?”

Yes! The project is open to people from around the world.


Does Happy Composer guarantee the performance of new pieces?

We work hard to select choirs that are committed to new music and collaboration with new composers. If for some reason the choir is not able to perform your piece, we would work together to find a suitable performer.


Does the Composer get a recording of the performance?

Yes, and audio (or video recording) will be provided after the performance of the piece for the composer own non-commercial use.


Do Chapter Composers get tickets for the premiere?

Though this is a decision of the choir, most choirs are more than glad to offer one or two comp tickets and share with composers.


Does Happy Composer offer travel expenses?

No, the commission does not include travel and lodging money.


Can Composers participate in several chapters?

Yes, you can participate in many calls for scores. However, if you have already been selected for a chapter, you are less likely to be selected for the following one.


What does Happy Composer’s guidance for Composers include?

Carlos Cordero works with composers to set goals and deadlines, choose a text (if the conductor has not previously requested one), organize the ideas of the piece. While writing the piece composers share with Carlos drafts for him to comment and help in any way possible. Communication through email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger as available.


How much time do you have to write the commission?

The goal is to finish a 2-to-4-minute piece in 2 months.


Can you participate even if you have not written choral music before?

No, to participate in our call for scores you need to submit a choral piece. If you have never written for choir we can help you with your first piece! Go to this link and learn more how.