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On Pain and Love  ($2.50)

About the Work


Pain and Love are feelings we can all relate. We give these feelings so much importance but there are little nuances within them! That’s what I mostly discover while setting two poems by Sara T (as I am calling Sara Teasdale, such a vulnerable artist she was).

In the first movement, The Wind, I learned that to question our decisions is painful but sometimes needed. Accepting that we might not be where we want or need is difficult. What if we are wrong? Something that almost all of us try our best to avoid. In the second movement, Leaves, I saw the “good” and the “bad” fighting inside. I also understood how much just one little thing is part of a whole and how it affects us. When I reach the end of the cycle, I can see how the doubts are answered if I keep being present.

We grieve each time something does not go our way but these poems challenge us to keep digging and try to find what is it that is there that we are failing to see. I keep growing and searching while enjoying the journey, I hope you do too. ​