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About the Work


When was the last time you were hungry and could not immediately eat? or thirsty and could not find water for hours? This is heartbreaking: to see my country, my family, suffering. I come from Venezuela and I did go through difficult times. Since I could not do much from where I was to help, I decided to fight my pain. I asked myself all the questions and cried while working on my desk, so comfortable yet feeling so guilty and helpless. When was the last time you were sick and could not find the medicine to feel better or even to keep living?

Text and Translation

Mírame, (Look at me,)
Escúchame. (Listen to me.)

Estoy Sufriendo. (I’m suffering.)


No puedo ver, (I cannot see,)
Tengo hambre, (I am hungry,)
Tengo sed, (I am thirsty,)
Estoy Enfermo. (I am sick.)

¡Ayúdame! (Help me!)




SATB + simple percussion instrument played by a chorus member

SSAA version available.




Suono Chamber Choir, David Bruce Conductor.

Houston, July 21, 2019.

Upcoming Performances

NOTUS, Dr. Dominick DiOrio,

Indiana, April 14, 2020.

Resounding Achord, Kristina Nakagawa

California, TBD, 2020.

SSAA Version