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Short Bio

Carlos (b. 1992) is an award winner composer and recent University of Houston Affiliated Fellow at the American Academy of Rome. His most recent achievements include winning the: International Choral Composition Competition Japan 2018, Inversion Ensemble’s Emerging Composer Competition, Vox Populi Winner in I International Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau, The Uncommon Music Festival Choral Composition Competition, and 2017 Chorus Austin Young Composer’s Competition; as well as the world premiere of This Sky in the 28th Béla Bartok Choral Competition. His pieces have been performed internationally, including, Europe, North and South America.

Secular and sacred pieces for choir, an operetta, song cycles,  percussion ensemble, chamber ensemble, solo pieces and more!


Workshops, talks, comments, analysis of portfolio, website, organizational skils. Creator of the project Happy Composer. 


Including Tongue Twister Project, Happy Composer Commission, Seconds Project, A Few Measures, etc.


Selected List of Awards


- 1st place at the International Choral Composition Competition Japan 2018.​

- Affiliated Fellow at the American Academy of Rome (Marie T. Bosarge Affiliated Fellowship In Rome - University of Houston).​

- Inversion Ensemble's Emerging Composer Composition Competition / Austin, 2018.

- The Uncommon Music Festival / Alaska, 2018.​

- 1st place at the Sarofirm Composition Competition, University of Houston.


- Vox Populi winner and Special Mention in the I International Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau.

- Chorus Austin’s 2017 Young Composers Competition.

- 15 Second Harp call for scores for harp and treble with Schola Cantorum choir of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Music conducted by Scott Price.

- 2nd Place in Graduate Research & Scholarship Projects, Fall 2017, at University of Houston.​

Artist Statement

     As a composer and performer, I've always strived for two things: telling a story and personal communication. These are my two main goals as an artist. Telling the story of the program I choose for a piece gives me a tremendous responsibility and honor. I find that I am inclined to give voice to the everyday stories that surround us (the song of birds, the experience of watching a sunrise, the excitement of first love). I feel music is a personal event shared both by the performer and listener. As the composer, I want to create a relationship with both the performers as well as the listener, and for that, I write with as much emotional energy and intention as I am able; putting my emotions and heart into what I believe are my most sincere melodies, which I sometimes refer to as my own musical hugs.