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Hola, People!

I have a new website 


Ave, Regina Caelorum (min. 48)


(Venezuelan Plea for Life)



When was the last time you were hungry and could not immediately eat?


When was the last time you were thirsty and could not find water for hours?


¡Hola, people! My name is Carlos Cordero. I am a Venezuelan composer who tells stories through music. I am passionate about working together to create awesome music, education, hugs and laughs. I am working hard to create an educational project called Happy Composer while writing more music (hopefully some for large ensemble!), and learning more and more everyday! 


A four-part homophonic setting with lots of places to breathe and enjoy each word of the beautiful carol.

SATB / 2'40'' 

Level: Easy

Short, fast, fun, pop-influenced piece to celebrate how awesome you and those who surround you are!

SATB / 2' 30'' (SSAA version available)

Level: Medium

I am Light ($2.50)

 Based on Sara Teasdale poems, the first piece is pensive while the second one is a fast journey of discovery new things!


SSAA / ca. 6'

Level: Easy / Medium

 A musical hug! Every singer gets to share love with the audience. At the end, two angels join the good news.


SATB div. + SS soli  / 4'

Level: Challenging

O Magnum Mysterium ($2.35)​